Benefits of kratom leaves and the correct way to eat

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In addition to marijuana Kratom leaves can also be taken as medicine as recommended by alternative medicine practitioners. But you have to eat it in the right way to get the benefits.

Benefits of kratom leaves and the correct way to eat

Benefits of kratom leaves

Treat aches and pains
Chew fresh kratom leaves 1-3 times at a time, spit out the residue, and drink warm water accordingly. Should be used no more than 2 times a day

or another way is Dry kratom leaves, grind them into powder, mix with honey and form them into balls the size of eggplant seeds. Take 2-3 tablets in the morning and evening before meals. When cured, stop using.

Can be used in conjunction with other herbs such as Priang vine, N-on vine, Khoklan vine, Seven-layer wall,ทางเข้า ufabet etc.

To treat coughing,
take 1 fresh kratom leaf and 1 teaspoon of sugar, chew and suck, slowly swallow the water, spit out the residue, eat 3-4 times when symptoms appear.

Reduce blood sugar For diabetic patients,
chew 2 kratom leaves per day before breakfast. Chew only the water, spit out the residue, and drink warm water accordingly.

Can be used in conjunction with other herbs such as grass under the leaves, Pak Pian Phi, lion’s milk, etc.

Relieve stomach pain and diarrhea.
Chew half a kratom leaf and discard the residue. Drink warm water accordingly. Or boil 3-5 kratom leaves with palm sugar. or brown sugar Eat half a cup of coffee at a time, morning and evening.

Or another method is to take 3 kratom leaves, crush them, mix with 3 tablespoons of lime juice, squeeze out the juice, eat every 3 hours. When cured, stop using.

Treat fresh wounds:
crush fresh kratom leaves, mix with white liquor, and apply to fresh wounds.

Treat high blood pressure
Chew 1-2 fresh kratom leaves, swallow the water and spit out the residue 3-4 times a day.

Another method is to boil kratom leaves with clean water and drink 1 cup of coffee 3 times a day.

Both methods are available. When blood pressure drops to normal Stop eating immediately.

To treat gastritis, chew
2-3 fresh leaves, swallow the water and discard the waste, in the morning on an empty stomach. Eat for 7-10 days in a row.

Treat toothache
Mix 1 fresh kratom leaf with salt, chew it and suck it to help reduce toothache.

How to chew kratom leaves correctly

Treating various symptoms with kratom leaves Most of the time, it involves chewing fresh kratom leaves and spitting them out, but you must chew them correctly.

  1. Take fresh kratom leaves and wash them thoroughly with water. Let the water drain.
  2. Peeling off the leaf stalks can be done in 2 ways

    – Method 1: Peel off the leaf veins in a fishbone shape. Then peel off the middle of the leaf. Leaving only the leaf flesh
    – Method 2: Peel only the leaf flesh to chew.
  3. Chew kratom leaves thoroughly. swallowing water down the throat
  4. Spit out the waste and drink water accordingly.

Precautions when chewing kratom leaves

When chewing fresh kratom leaves, you should peel off the leaf stalks and midrib before chewing each time. If the leaf stem is not removed from the leaf and swallowed kratom leaf pulp as well It can cause a condition called “cysts” in the intestines because the stems and leaves of kratom cannot be digested. Therefore, it precipitates and remains in the intestines. making it impossible to excrete A membrane formed around the kratom waste. This can cause a bag to form in the intestines.

Additionally, there are some people who cannot consume kratom. kratom leaf boiled water or food that contains kratom leaves as follows:

  • Children and youth: Kratom leaves may have an effect on children’s health, hygiene, and development.
  • For pregnant women, kratom leaves may affect the health of the fetus.
  • breastfeeding women Kratom leaves may affect the health of breastfed infants.

How to consume kratom legally?

Although kratom leaves can now be legally consumed in households, But do not mix it with various drugs. And it is forbidden to sell cooked kratom leaves or kratom boiled water in the community.