Lard VS Vegetable Oil, which one is more beneficial?

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After it became a hot topic in the social media world again. that lard is better than vegetable oil From the research work of foreign doctors But there are some people who still believe that Vegetable oil must be better than lard. Because we have been studying like this for ten years, it raises the question: Ok, so what is the truth?  Health has come up with the answer for you to read and understand in a short and easy way.

Lard VS Vegetable Oil, which one is more beneficial?

type of fat

First, let’s understand the types of oil. What’s there? So what type of oil is in?

1. Transfat or trans fats. It is a type of processed fat. Caused by the use of vegetable oils which are unsaturated fats. Let’s inject hydrogen into it. To make the vegetable oil last longer, stable, not rancid, and make food more delicious. Or it can happen from reusing vegetable oil. Heat for a long time, such as frying, ends up turning into trans fat as well. It is considered the most dangerous fat. Because trans fats are the cause of various diseases such as coronary artery disease. Fat clogs arteries, cancer and diabetes

. 2. Saturated fat includes animal oils. such as lard and some plant oils such as palm oil, coconut oil Suitable for frying Because it is more resistant to heat and more delicious, both saturated fats are beneficial. and harms the body if eaten too much But if you use it repeatedly for a long time, saturated fat can change to trans fat as well.

3. Polyunsaturated fats include sunflower oil. soybean oil Which is vegetable oil that we commonly use, suitable for frying. or cooking food that uses heat quickly Because it can’t stand the heat for long. Because it can become trans fat as well. But saturated fat is beneficial to the ยูฟ่าเบท body. It’s more good fat than

4. Monounsaturated fats , including olive oil, can’t stand a lot of heat. Suitable for eating fresh, mixing in salad dressings, or just for cooking. and is considered a good type of fat It is most beneficial to the body.

Frequently asked questions about vegetable oil and lard

  • So why is there a trend that vegetable oil is more dangerous than lard?

    Because of the research results of foreign doctors Discussing the dangers of hydrogenated vegetable oils. That’s trans fat. Not normal vegetable oil
  • Vegetable oils sold in the market in our country Is it hydrogen compressed?

    No, our vegetable oils are now produced in a form that does not involve hydrogen. After there was a campaign to stop using this method in producing vegetable oil. To extend the service life
  • In addition to hydrogenated vegetable oil What other foods contain trans fats?

    We can find trans fats in foods or desserts that use shortening or margarine, such as baked goods, cookies, crackers, creamer, pizza dough, French fries, chicken nuggets, popcorn, bread, and food or desserts. from many industrial plants Because trans fats are cheap.
  • How to detect trans fat from the food you eat

    Look at the ingredient list of that food on the package. Look for the word transfat or other words used instead, such as Hydrogenated vegetable oil, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, vegetable oil shortening, Shortening, Hydrogenated margarine if there is a large amount. should be avoided

In conclusion, how? Vegetable oil is still safer and more beneficial than lard. But no matter what kind of oil it is Do not reuse oil. And after eating, you must exercise for good health .