5 things you should know about dengue fever Danger that comes with Aedes mosquitoes Dangers that should not be overlooked

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Dengue fever is often talked about these days. This is because it is a disease that comes mostly during the rainy season. It is believed that many People must have known at some point the dangers associated with dengue fever. Today we would like to invite you to get to know each other. Things you should know about dengue fever The dangers that come with Aedes mosquitoes So that everyone can protect and take care of themselves well.

5 things you should know about dengue fever Danger that comes with Aedes mosquitoes Dangers that should not be overlooked

1.Dengue fever is very widespread during the rainy season.
First of all, girls must know that dengue fever is very prevalent during the rainy season. This is considered to be the peak period of the outbreak. Especially in areas with flooding and areas with temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius or more, they are breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes. As for dengue fever, it has the ability to be passed on by Aedes mosquitoes from generation to generation through laying eggs. The eggs of Aedes mosquitoes can withstand air and heat very well. Plus, it can last for many months.

2.Dengue fever can recur.
Dengue fever is a disease that can happen to people of all genders and ages. And can come back again as well. Due to the dengue virus This is the virus that causes dengue fever. There are up to 4 strains. If girls are infected with any strain, then Even if there is no repeat infection But the second infection with the new strain Will result in symptoms being many times more severe than the first time.

3. Dengue fever has no cure.
Always remember that dengue fever is a disease for which there is no cure. But patients with dengue fever must receive treatment and stay in the hospital. It is a method of treatment by observing symptoms. and monitoring symptoms that occur Because dengue fever has one worrisome symptom: low platelets Therefore, the doctor must monitor the symptoms to prevent them from becoming severe or making the symptoms worse than before.

4. Dengue fever can be prevented.
Although there is no cure for dengue fever, But don’t forget that this is a disease that can be prevented. Girls can prevent dengue fever by taking good care of the environment in their homes and surroundings. Try not to have standing water sources. Always change the standing water in the house to keep it clean.

5. Various symptoms of dengue fever
In terms of various symptoms of dengue fever that girls It is necessary to get to know each other. Have a high fever Severe headache, eye pain, nausea and vomiting Muscle aches, joint pain, rashes on the ทางเข้า ufabet skin And if there are severe symptoms Thrombocytopenia will occur. Bleeding in the digestive tract, feeling lethargic and restless. Cold hands and feet

For girls who are worried about dengue fever It is recommended that you try to understand this disease well. In order to be able to take care of yourself And try to prevent this type of disease easily. Because of dengue fever It is considered a disease that has no cure. It requires careful monitoring of symptoms and prevention so that the body does not face loss.