What is the Fixed Ratio Baccarat Formula?

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Talking about the ratio, it is divided into %. Its principle is simple: we take the money available for playing baccarat and divide it into cubes that each cube is worth as a percentage. of total capital Similar to the division of investment units that we originally looked at how many rounds we wanted to play. then divide the number of rounds to get the value of investment units

For example, today I have 1,000 baht in money and it’s also very free, so I thought to divide this UFABET money into capital units. Let each unit be worth 5%, which means that from the money I have, I will be able to divide the investment units at 50 baht per unit (1,000 x 0.05).

What is the Fixed Ratio Baccarat Formula?

But the heart of Baccarat money formula Fixed rates are not just investment units. It also covers profits. We will set that we will adjust investment units only when playing with a 20% profit, like now I have 1,000 baht. It’s 1,200 baht in your hand.

As soon as I play until I have 1,200 baht in my pocket, I will adjust the new investment units by taking 1,200 x 0.05 = 60 baht. This is the value of the new investment units that I got. Then my profit target in this round will be 240 baht (20% of 1,200 baht). Keep doing this.

And what if the game loses? Use the same principle. For example, from the money we have 1,000 baht, we may set that if we lose 20% or have 800 baht left, stop and adjust the investment unit again, just like when we played and got 20% profit back.

In summary,

  1. Each day, we must clearly determine the capital that will be used to play, how many baht will be played.
  2. Bet on each eye only 5% of available funds.
  3. when earning 20% ​​of total capital Let’s take profits to combine capital to make a new capital. Now our capital will be bigger.
  4. Bet 5% of the new capital per eye Keep doing this until you get 20% profit again.
  5. If a loss of 20% of the total capital in that round Adjust the new bet to 5% of the remaining capital.