‘Ghost’ aims ‘Watkins’ to add spears, ‘Villa’ shins hint at guns

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Manchester United continue to search for a new striker. Because the previous choice was set too high. By this time, it was changed to Ollie Watkins spearheaded Aston Villa instead. But the players had previously revealed that they wanted to play for Arsenal more.

The Athletic reports that Manchester United have to change their goals again. When the shins who will be added to the front line are bent until they have to pull out. By this time, he targeted Olly Watkins, the center forward of the Aston Villa team. But had a problem where this star player had previously revealed that. Is an Arsenal fan and dreams of moving to join the ยูฟ่าเบท team one day.

'Ghost' aims 'Watkins' to add spears, 'Villa' shins hint at guns

The 27-year-old striker scored 16 goals in all competitions last season. And is one of the key strengths of Unai Emery, a talented trainer who transformed the rising lion to finish in 7th place has the right to play in the Europa Conference League next season. With the report also stating that Watki Ness has been noticed by United. During his impressive season and Red Devils boss Erik ten Hag has also been fond of his consistent form.

At this time, the main target of the Red Devils, Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur striker, has to fold the chase plan. Because the price is too expensive, plus the golden spur chicken does not want to sell to the Premier League team as well Although there is only one year left on the contract, they turn to look at the next goal, Victor Osimhen, the star of the Napoli team, but still can’t fight the price as well.

while Erasmus Hoilund despite having just begun to develop his pace until being known, Atalanta set a price of up to 86 million pounds, or about 3,612 million baht. Resulting in the Red Devils army have to change to Watkins instead because it should have a cheaper price. However, even if the player has only 2 years left on the contract. It is reported that he is talking to Sing Phong about a new contract.

Importantly, while playing for Brentford in the English Championship. Watkins once said in an interview that He has dreams of playing for Arsenal one day. Because he is a fan of this team, with Thierry Henry, the legendary footballer, perfumer, as an idol. And would like to develop the pace to be as good as this shin This may be the reason why he refused to play at Old Trafford.