An example of using the baccarat 101 formula

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Having said this much, if there is no example to see, it would be difficult to use it. I will give you an example of playing baccarat using the 101 formula for placing bets as follows.

Let’s say I bet on the long banker side, because it has a slightly higher chance of winning. Even if he pays only 0.95 times the time UFABET we bet correctly

An example of using the baccarat 101 formula
  • 1st eye bet on the dealer 100 baht, the dealer wins We got a profit of 95 baht back.
  • 2nd eye bet on the dealer 100 baht, the dealer wins again We got another profit of 95 baht. Now the accumulated profit is 190 baht.
  • 3rd eye, stabbed the dealer 100 baht, issued the dealer again Our retained profit increased to 285 baht.
  • 4th eye , bet another 100 baht to the dealer, this time lost 100 baht, leaving a profit of 185 baht
  • The 5th eye is not afraid. Let’s arrange the dealer again. 100 baht. Lose again. Only 85 baht profit left.
  • The 6th eye bet on the dealer as before, 100 baht, come back to win, get a profit of 185 baht.
  • 7th eye , bet the dealer 100 baht, win again as always Retained profit is 285 baht.
  • 8th turn , thrust the dealer 100 baht, lose 185 baht.

From the example of only 8 eyes, it can be seen that if we bet according to the flat betting principle, we will get a profit of 175 baht. In addition, when losing, there is nothing to worry about. Because we still have profits that we can continue to bet on And even if we lose, we don’t have to double the bet to let the money run out quickly as well. 

But if we use the Progression method or add up when we lose according to the Martingale formula, in the 5th turn we have to bet 200 baht (residual profit of 185 baht, add another 15 baht) and in the 6th turn we have to spend more money. It’s 400 baht with the available money. Because our profits are gone. So let’s say that if we have less than 400 baht of capital left, our Martingale formula will reach a dead end.

However, if I want to decide which Baccarat 101 formula and Martingale formula is better. Can’t be measured clearly. Try asking yourself what you want from playing baccarat online. If you want a lot of profit Don’t want to waste a lot of time, have to have Martingale, but it’s a bit more risky where if we bet and still lose We need to have enough money to roll over. 

Of course, this method will make money run out quickly. fewer rounds left And it will keep getting hotter and hotter if we stack up our bets until we reach the ceiling of the table and haven’t returned it yet. But if you want to have fun or experience playing here The baccarat 101 money formula will definitely help and it will make us enjoy gambling on online casino Can get longer too